Welcome to 6IGMA Associates

At σigma Associates , our motto is “We make IT work for you”.

At the heart of every technology investment is the need to provide services on time, efficiently,  effectively, at scale, and at the same time exceeding customer's expectation.

Organizations invest in technology to maintain or gain competitive advantage and sustain their operations. To achieve this objective, leading organizations rely on a holistic orchestration of its people, policies and processes in a manner that fosters efficiency and effectiveness while delivering innovation.

6igma Associates process engagement is based on tested methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma and relies on tools such as process mapping and process re-engineering to help organization identify hidden gems of productivity and efficiency in its current investments in people and technology.

paperlessThere is a lot of benefit in paperless offices, but the transition to paperless workflow continues to challenge many organizational cultures.

In our experience with client organizations, process inefficiencies do not only affect corporate financial bottom line, they also have direct impact on employee morale, retention, and customer experience.

Our process engagement areas are

  1. Analyzing of your existing processes
  2. benchmarking your current state to your future desired state, and
  3. Help your team design and create a process architecture that leverages best practices in your industry.six sigma

Our solution will help optimize your technology and people investments. We develop a holistic set of policies and procedures to:

  • Enhance your workflow, and the security of your corporate data
  • Protect the privacy of your customers,
  • Assure compliance of regulations and laws that govern your industry,
  • Reduce wastes, and improve your cost efficiency, and process effectiveness.